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Understory Silver Smithing

Salmon Saddle Ring Size 7.25

Salmon Saddle Ring Size 7.25

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This handmade Chinook salmon ring encircles a finger, or perhaps a thumb, so whatever way you look at your salmon ring you get a different point of view. A salmon's life cycle is one miraculous endeavor. The return home again is a wild and long journey- just one more thing we and the salmon have in common. 

More about this jewelry:

  • hand drawn, cut, detailed, soldered Chinook salmon design
  • ring band measures 20 mm at it's widest and 15mm at its narrowest 
  • handmade with 925 sterling silver
  • fits between a 7-7.5
  • this cannot be resized

If you have questions regarding this piece of jewelry, please send me an email at Please read FAQ's for any questions you may have regarding returns. 

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